Welcome to the Pedagogy of Cognition Homepage!

Alert: A link to the ebook online for under $20.00 Theories of Development

We will be using this wikispace to collect images or videos, and to discuss the cognitive process shown in them. Images can be uploaded from your computer easily using the picture uploader tool. If you create an account at youtube you can upload your own videos to youtube and then embed them in the wikispace using the widget tool. Please see the screencast page for directions in case you get stuck.

Each week you will be required to take at least one image and upload it to the page for that week. Stay focused on the word(s) of the week. After you upload the image, state how you think the image represents that word and why you chose it. Describe the cognitive process you see when looking through the lens of the camera.

Hopefully, this project will help you to "see" the developmental process. Your subject can be any age. Feel free to comment on the other photo entries or create a new page to add more photos if you would like.

This idea was inspired by a fellow educator Paula White.