Willpower, Vygotsky states, is a matter of socialization. When we tell ourselves we will watch tv for 5 more minutes then study it is a replication of behavior learned from our parents who might have told us, "YOU HAVE THREE SECONDS TO CLEAN THIS MESS UP BEFORE I BEAT YOUR BUT 1,2,3,!" Brian Tait

School is the main place that children socialize with their peers. The two girls are grouped together as are the two boys. Common for that preteen age group. The learning atmosphere and socialization are additional components beyond classroom learning which impact children's cognitive and emotional development.

Debbie Olivieri


Our words for this week are Socializing or Collaborating.

This is a picture of three of my second grade students last year work collaboratively during reading. The assignment was to read the assigned story and come up with five questions about the story, which would be asked to the class as a whole upon completion. Once the groups got over the "exciting factor" of working with friends, the assignment was a success. All of the students were engaged because they were in a social atmosphere which they enjoyed.--Jess McAllister
external image girls_dancing.jpg

Burhedita Price-Thompson
I chose this picture because this is a small and intimate group of children at play . A healthy play atmosphere. They are interacting /socializing in a positive manner.

holiday-party-1.jpg This picture illustrates children socializing while at a fundraiser awareness party for Down Syndrome children. It is my opinion that young children welcome socializing to all children around them, regardless of difference.
This picture is taken from www.upsfordowns.org. ~Amy Howlett

The children are socializing outdoors. They could be having a race or trying to teach the younger child how to jump rope. Children need to be alloted time to socialize without adults interfering, When children socialize they are strengthening their language skills and most importantly they learn how to solve their own conflicts.
By Robin Bigsby
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This is a great picture about how students socialize in young adulthhood according to Erickson. Erickson believed that young adults worry about how they appear in others eyes. This girls facial expressions says it all. www.iupui.edu/iupui Rosemarie Spina

Collaborating.jpgHere we students working together (collaborating) using technology, something that would be viewed by Vygotsky as a valuble tool used to enhance a person's intellecutal abilities and to aid one in mastering his or her enviornment. Vincent Joseph Cacia III

These young Girls are learning a cultural heritage dance which is important in their society for purposes of socialization. They will learn it on basic level in which they will count out lound each action that they are to take. As they get older, they will be less vocal about their actions as their thinking becomes internalized.
external image learning-dance.jpg

This is a picture i took in Kenya of children who lived at a slum/boarding school. 75% of their day was spent in the classroom so socializing outside of the class allows them to feel like they are a part of a community. at this point in their day, the children were able to run about the grounds playing games and sports. eventhough there are hardships in their lives (almost all are orphans) they are interacting ain a positive way, embracing one another as family.------ann marissa

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The school bus may be the most important venue for socializing of the entire school day. It appears that the younger boys have paired off with each other to compare and contrast their readings while the two younger girls are reviewing the same material. The older kids in the back seat appear to be sitting together but are unto themselves in conversation on the cell phone and thought.